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Omega International Group

Founded in California in 1976, Omega was one of the earliest enterprises to embrace the opportunities of China’s new Open Door policy changes. At a time when most Sino-American business opportunities were just getting started, Omega was not only already well situated to embrace the new opportunities between the East and West, but also looking further down the road to NAFTA’s potential to shape future relations South of the border. In 1993, Omega moved its headquarters to San Antonio, Texas. Dedicated to delivering high-quality services and solving complex business problems, Omega prides itself in results that build long-term relationships that lead to repeat business.

Omega is proven to be an innovative leader in international education initiatives; from traditional English lessons provided by American instructors to creating the healthcare education standard in vocational colleges in China. Since the inception of Omega's first program, ACE, cultural education has been a primary focus. Omega seeks to share American and Chinese culture with its institutional counterparts by bringing traditions to one another through shared videos and live communications. Omega is a pioneer in creating standards in education in different fields, with the help of partners such as Alamo Colleges, Omega is introducing new training in career paths in healthcare and other fields. Currently working on setting the standards for home health aides which is a new market for China’s aging population.

The age range of participants in Omega's institute range from eight to early twenties; all are taught conversational English and are provided with individualized support from local and foreign staff. In the summer of 2019, Omega partnered with Alamo Colleges to host a healthcare instructor in Ningbo, China to equip Chinese college students with basic nursing aide skills. Students were provided with certificates of completion and will return to the organization for the remainder of their two year vocational training. Omega provides opportunities for American nationals seeking international opportunities while providing China new programs.

Omega International Group Healthcare

Omega has been involved in healthcare services since 1996 and has provided resources to domestic and foreign populations. During this time, OIG has developed long term relationships and connections with many healthcare affiliates. OIG has over 20 years of experience with the international healthcare market and continues to develop new partnerships.

OIG specializes in three geographical markets: China, United States and Mexico. In these markets OIG has built strong relationships with various Government departments and leaders. These relationships help OIG effectively assist clients in penetrating any given market.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the guidance to explore, the support to grow and the creative solutions to thrive in an ever-changing global marketplace.


Turning the boundaries between countries into the economic bridges between cultures.


• To make a valued and positive impact on our clients’ position in the international marketplace

• To help our client achieve business excellence and success

• To provide profitable and quantifiable returns to the client

• To be an active partner in the community